A glimpse of the surroundings of the Nevėžis from the water

As the poem goes, ‘there is the thoughtful dark Nevėžis, girding the green meadows like a sash…’ Nobody could describe the Nevėžis valley better than Maironis, so all you can do is get in a boat and see its beauty yourself. The Nevėžis River has a strange feature – it flows south, against the surface slope, which runs to the north. As a result, the farther downstream you go, the higher the river slope is, and the riverbed seems to gradually sink deeper. Like a snake, the Nevėžis loops through the surrounding grasslands, changing and forming islands. And it isn’t only the river that is unique – as you make your way downstream, keep your eye out for what Krekenava Regional Park has to offer. In one of the tributaries of the Nevėžis you will see Rapolas, known as the brother of the famous boulder Puntukas; another will take you to Valmoniškiai Reservoir, while a third will show you old oak woods. After getting off the boat, shake out your legs on the Nevėžis River Valley Educational Trail, then climb up the observation tower to take in the view from above. And be sure to stop by Šeteniai, where Nobel laureate Czesław Miłosz was born.

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