An Adventure on the Baltoji Ančia River Down to the Nemunas River

Even Lithuanians themselves have not yet discovered southern Lithuania with its clear lakes and rivers, and unspoilt forests. There is also the Baltoji Ančia river, which is less crowded with tourists, less known, but very swift, clean and winding. It is a true gem for those who love water travelling, hiking in the woods and taking boats on the river. As you make your way along the Baltoji Ančia river towards the Nemunas, be prepared for challenges including slopes, bridges and bumps, which will not only enliven your journey, but also require endurance and ingenuity. Coastal campsites and bathing areas by the Baltoji Ančia lake are made ready for you to relax. Lake Ančia is one of the most beautiful lakes in southern Lithuania. Its banks are steep and the beaches are sandy. The river flows into the Nemunas at the Paančia settlement. Right next to this is Belarus and the border area, so don’t forget your documents. After the hike, make sure to enjoy the pleasures offered by a Lithuanian sauna or hot tub.

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