Dubysa. A Water Path that Leads Through Mounds and Valleys

For 65 kilometres, the Dubysa river winds through Dubysa Regional Park. The banks of the river are covered with mounds, the tributaries of springs and natural meadows, untouched by human hand. In the spring, the Dubysa valley is filled with the sound of nightingales, while in autumn the fog settles in. If you look around, you’ll see that the river passes the tallest and longest railway bridge in Lithuania called Lyduvėnai, even a few mounds and the site of a pagan altar. You can take a walk along Padubysis cognitive path and stay overnight at the farm just off the river.

Dubysa is one of the most popular water tourism routes in middle and western Lithuania. Easy to complete, it is suitable for family hikes and sailing with children.

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Dubysos regioninio parko direkcija
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