Exercise Therapy Clinic at Paliesius Manor

The most attractive health tourism destination in Lithuania in 2019

The Paliesius Manor, dating back to the eighteenth century, has recently been brought back to life. The turbulent times that destroyed the manor buildings and wiped out the carefully hoarded riches of their owners, are over. Today, the house of the former manor supervisor features a hotel, a spa and a restaurant, while the old stables covered by a large glass roof have become a special concert venue, including performances by the most famous Lithuanian and foreign artists.

Yet the most important feature of the manor is the wooden building at the northern entrance, where the manor owners opened the Paliesius physical therapy clinic. Patients from outside Lithuania come for treatment from overweight, diabetes, stress and insomnia. The woods next to the manor have cognitive paths suitable for hiking and cycling, while in winter there are ski trails.

Address: Dvaro g. 7, Paliesiaus kaimas Mielagėnų seniūnija, Ignalinos rajonas

Tel.: +370 626 82 760

Email: info@paliesiausdvaras.lt