Ilzenberg Manor. The Place of Eternal Love

On the outskirts of Lithuania, in the Rokiškis district right next to the Latvian border, stands the impressive Ilzenberg Manor. The twists and turns of its history are neatly captured in the manor’s history book and can be seen by anyone who visits. Over the years, the Ilzenberg Manor has retained its grandeur and elegance.

Today, the manor is enhanced by the beautiful spruced-up lake shore, a garden, ponds, carefully maintained park paths, flower gardens, a huge outdoor stage, viewing grounds and the legendary Love Bridge leading to the lake’s island riddled with stories. Legend has it that oaths of love uttered here, next to the magical oak tree, are eternal. Theatrical excursions accompanied by a guide are organised for interested visitors. The new owners of the manor created the largest biodynamic farm in the Baltics in the manor. The manor house has the largest and the oldest manor bathhouse in Lithuania.

Address: Ilzenbergo kaimas 4, Rokiškio rajonas

Tel.: +370 696 44004



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