Remote Romance at Atokampis Boutique Spa and Resort

A far-away corner next to a forest, invisible to strangers and outsiders and exuding peace and tranquillity is where the homestead owners have decided to create a unique, very personal recreational and spa area. In the village of Visginai in Kaišiadorys district, you can find cabins scattered around in the forests that make the seekers of quiet rest fall in love with the place.

Inside the cabins, specialists offer spa treatments, using herbs and tree buds collected in surrounding grasslands. Time stops in a halotherapy sauna, while an evening under the stars in an aromatic ofuro bathtub on the open-sky terrace of the cabin can turn into a very romantic holiday. The owners also built an ecopool; it resembles a small lake with a unique ecosystem and even allergic holidaymakers are encouraged to take a dive.

Address: Visginų kaimas 3, Kruonio seniūnija, Kaišiadorių rajonas

Tel.: +370 610 72554