Šiluva – where the deaf see and the blind listen

The small town of Šiluva became world-famous back in 1608, when the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared there. This is thought to be one of the first Marian apparitions in Europe. Since then, believers and pilgrims from around the world have flocked to Šiluva. Šiluva is a unique sacred site that can be not only seen, but also felt and touched. Everyone is welcome at the Šiluva Pilgrim Information Centre, regardless of how they come. This is a place where blind people can listen and deaf people can see. Whether you are young or old, mobile or wheelchair-bound, you will have no problem visiting the sites and houses of prayer that are so popular among tourists in the town of Šiluva. The Šiluva Museum is in the Pilgrim Information Centre and holds exhibitions, events and workshops. At the pilgrim hostel, the ground floor, conference room, kitchenette, toilet and shower are adapted for guests with disabilities, with access from the parking lot. In the nearby Dubysa Regional Park, visitors can camp, enjoy the educational trails, and go canoeing or hot air ballooning.

Address: M. Jurgaičio g. 17 a, Šiluva, Raseinių rajonas
Piligrimų informacijos centras
Tel.: +370 428 43 220

Email: info@siluva.lt