The Living History of Pakruojis Manor

The most attractive attraction of Lithuanian cultural tourism in 2017

The small town of Pakruojis in northern Lithuania is probably best known for Pakruojis Manor. Today, it is the largest manor in Lithuania. This gorgeous classical-style palace dates back to Baron Wilhelm von der Ropp, a descendant of the Knights of the Sword. Don’t be surprised if you enter the palace’s courtyard only to find the Baron himself there. Pakruojis Manor has been hosting history lessons for many years, often starting with the palace’s baron.

The Live Museum programme founded by Pakruojis Manor invites visitors to go back a century to experience the daily lives of the manor’s residents of that time, to see what farm work they did, what dishes they cooked, how they entertained themselves and what punishments they were handed. The Live Museum, the flower festival in the summer and the Great Lights of China festival in winter, as well as concerts and cultural events, attract many visitors and the educational programmes of the manor have been a favourite among families.

Address: Parko g. 1, Pakruojo k., Pakruojo r.
Pakruojo dvaras

Tel.: +370 686 65 055