A different type of woods in the Forest of Anykščiai

As if it was straight out of a literature textbook, the Forest of Anykščiai has always spoken of Lithuania’s unique nature as well as its gifts and sources of well-being. This small but ever so important woodland ungrudgingly shares the wealth of its natural and cultural properties, of which there are many in the Landscape Reserve of the Forest of Anykščiai and Anykščiai Regional Park. Everything that modern man needs is intertwined in the natural oasis – peace, wellness, culture and active leisure. Take off your shoes and go for a walk on the eco-friendly barefoot path. The natural forest floor will let you feel every grain of sand and every blade of grass; every patch of moss and every pine cone. The dew and lake water will soothe your feet, and the natural herbal tea that tea connoisseurs will teach you how to prepare and drink will refresh you. Conscious breathing and stress reduction classes are held in the forest, as are international events promoting a healthy lifestyle. This is a place where you can inhale nature itself, feel the power of aromatherapy, discover which herbs grow in the surrounding fields, hug ‘holy oaks’ or set off on a hike along the Šventoji River.

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