A Trip to the Depths of the Earth at Biržai Regional Park

The surroundings of Biržai are full of surprises. It is a unique land where the earth’s surface changes the landscape with land collapsing in the truest sense of the word. This happens when the groundwater washes out the gypsum deposits in the ground. Mysterious sinkholes appear, sometimes swallowing houses or grazing cows. The Kirkilai Observation Tower with its unusual shape overlooks the karst lakes. Sometimes the water takes on strange colours that resemble images from fantasy movies. You can see the lakes up close if you take a hiking trail. Visit the Badger’s Hole (Barsuko Ola), which connects two sinkholes and is surrounded by a geological trail that leads to other sinkholes, namely the Geologists’ Hole (Geologų Duobė) and the Fox’s Cave (Lapės Ola).

The Biržai Regional Park interweaves a unique landscape, unique natural phenomena, the history of the region and the culinary heritage of the Biržai region.

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