Acquaintance with Lithuania Minor – the Fish Road culinary cruise

Visiting the shore without tasting fresh, smoked or salted fish is practically a sin. That is why the locals invite guests to take the Fish Road culinary cruise. Succumb to their enticements and you won’t regret it – not only will you learn more about this wonderful region, but you will also have a chance to taste what you have never tasted before. We won’t give away everything about the trip, but the cruise starts off with six types of fish soup at the Jonas Gižas Ethnographic Homestead and an introduction to the shipbuilders of Lithuania Minor. Then it continues on to Ventainė, where you will be treated to some vofeliai (waffles) and a cup of kafija (coffee). After that, you will visit Ventės Ragas, spend some time in the ‘Venice of Lithuania’, admire the water lily plantations in Krokų Lanka (a lake/lagoon), sail out to the Curonian Lagoon, and taste freshly smoked fish on an old-fashioned boat.

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