Anykščiai. The Land of Fruit and Berry Wines

Fruit and berry wine tradition has existed in Lithuania since ancient times. It was rare for our grandfather to not know how to make such wine. The most famous fruit and berry wines in the country still originate in Anykščiai. Everything began during the interwar period, when a trained student invited his father to the basement and they both made the first batch of apple wine there. The news of natural apple wine soon spread throughout Lithuania, and at the Paris International Wine Exposition in 1938, Lithuanian wine was awarded a gold medal.

Live wine-making traditions, the tallest church in Lithuania, a spectacular treetop walking path, the nearby Horse Museum, the huge Puntukas Stone left by the devil, the cosy restaurants, spas, Kalita Hill offering activities both in winter and summer, all of this can be found in a Lithuanian town that is small, yet famous for its cultural traditions.

Address: Anykščių turizmo ir verslo informacijos centras

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