Biržai Castle. The Pride of the Land Famous for its Karst Sinkhole

The town of Biržai in northern Lithuania is small, yet very famous. The karst sinkholes scattered around the town, the Kirkilai Observation Tower resembling the moon, the longest pedestrian bridge over Lake Širvėna, and of course the beautiful Biržai Castle, which stands alone in any European country with its splendour, modernity and the number of guns. Today, Biržai Castle is home to the Sėla Regional Museum, with exhibits telling the history of the Biržai region, presenting maps and the famous people of the Biržai Duchy, such as Dukes Radziwill and Counts Tishkevich, who used to visit the castle’s rulers. Both children and adults will be left impressed by the interactive exposition of warfare and antique armaments as well as workshops that provide a wealth of information on antique weapons, palace life and the ancient tradition of brewing in the Biržai region.

Address: J. Radvilos g. 3, Biržai

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