Daily Life in Žaliūkai Miller’s Homestead

Žaliūkiai Windmill in Šiauliai was built by a German Gustav Daniel in the late nineteenth century. A miller’s homestead that included a two-end dwelling house was built near the mill a little later, and a stone building where the miller wanted to set up a motor mill; then another house was built. Farmers from all the surrounding villages used to come to the mill. Today the mill is visited by curious travellers, since Žaliūkiai Mill is the only preserved and protected wooden architectural heritage site in Šiauliai and the first museum of grain processing in Lithuania. In the 2000s, old craft days were held at the windmill, and a few years later, the mill itself and the nearby buildings were restored. Throughout the year, the mill is used for the daily work of the miller’s family, such as grinding grain and baking bread.

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