Gražutė Regional Park – a kingdom of water and culture

If you tried to count all of the water bodies in Gražutė Regional Park, it probably wouldn’t be easy. They say that there are more than 70 of them, with the most beautiful being Antalieptė Reservoir, which has numerous bays, peninsulas and isthmuses tucked away on its shores. Also spectacular is Lake Šventas, which has a crystal clear surface that reflects the sky on a quiet day, making it something of a natural barometer. Lithuania’s longest river, the Šventoji, originates in Gražutė Regional Park, and the steep slopes of the Šavaša beckon. Tucked between them are the remnants of an ancient Lithuanian temple, which are marked by the Lūžai Stone. There are pristine areas where unique plants grow, and plenty of opportunities for animal and bird watching. The cultural heritage of Gražutė Regional Park is no less unique – there are as many as 211 cultural heritage sites, including hill forts, mythological stones, manors, monasteries, watermills, impressive churches, crosses and wayside shrines.

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