The Land of Zarasai. A Heavenly Shore on Earth

The most attractive tourist attraction in Lithuania in 2010

Hard to believe, but a proven fact: there are almost three hundred lakes in the Zarasai region. Even the city of Zarasai itself is surrounded by them. Reflected in the lakes and surrounded by pine forests and hills, it is often called the Lithuanian Switzerland. The lakeside homes offer travellers water activities and romantic evenings with stars dancing on the lake water. If you take a look at Zarasai resort from the surrounding hills, you may find the city floating above the lakes.

An even more spectacular view opens from the architectural structure, which has no equal in Lithuania – the Zarasai Observation Wheel. After stepping off the 17-metre high structure, continue along the shore of Lake Zarasas. The abundant activities it offers will take a while. There is an outdoor swimming pool, a water trampoline and a family-friendly windsurfing park on Didžioji Island. Water rules in Zarasai!

Address: Sėlių a. 22, Zarasai
Zarasų turizmo ir verslo informacijos centras
Tel.: +370 682 40988