Wellness Holidays in Karklė

The traditional village of Karklė in Pajūris Regional Park is a place near the Baltic Sea that has preserved more than just its history and customs. White rock and sand beaches, pure pine-scented air, sea water, wellness trails, cycling trails, and the so-called Dutchman’s Cap (Olando kepurė) – an amazing natural monument – have turned this place into a hub for active recreation and wellness holidays.

Hiking trails in Pajūris Regional Park are marked with different colours. The blue trail guides you around a 4.5 km section. The red trail is 4 km long, while the yellow one is 3.5 km. The total length of the trails is 12 km and is marked not only with colours but also with pictures showing the number of calories burned from eating unhealthy food. The entire course will require as many calories as you would get from eating half a chocolate cake.

If you’re tired of walking, try horse riding. There are several stud farms around Karklė, which not only teach beginner horse riding, but also invite you on a journey on the horses by the sea. Also among the must-do things is visiting the nearby World War II bunkers, the Kukuliškės Mound, which dates back to the Curonian times, the old fishermen’s cemetery – all while discovering the secret art of finding amber.

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