Zanavykija Taster – a feast for the stomach and food for the soul

In case you never knew, Zanavykija is the northern part of Suvalkija that surrounds the town of Šakiai. The people there are very welcoming. Once they get their hands on a guest, they won’t let them leave the table before they experience the hospitality the area is known for. Visitors can attend a historical feast called the Zanavykija Taster at Kuchmistrai Restaurant. The restaurant is located in Zypliai Manor, which was established in the mid-19th century. Guests are greeted by the cordial hostess, who takes them into the hall and seats them at a table loaded with food. The dishes may look familiar, but it is interesting to find out what they are called in the local dialect. And find out you will! While you are eating a head of cabbage stuffed with meat or enjoying carrot candy or a cup of acorn coffee, the hostess will explain everything in detail and introduce you to the rules of the taster. You definitely won’t leave hungry – your stomach will be full, and your head will be stuffed with historical and culinary knowledge.

Address: V. Kudirkos g. 61/1, Šakiai
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Tel.: +370 637 47 773

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